Marita Milkis a modern art greatest painter of all time
Marita Milkis

Working on artworks by demand.

About Me.

Artist – Designer.

Born in 1962 in Tashkent, Soviet Union.
Graduated Tashkent Institute of Arts. Professional theater director and music teacher.

During my lifetime worked as Interior designer, Art consultant, Theater director, a Music teacher. Immigrated in 1992 to Israel. Practiced interior and exhibitions design for 18 years.
Now I spend my time doing my favorite thing – Painting and Creating!

In my work, there is a lot of my different worlds: the conscious and subconscious, reality and fiction, the beautiful and the ugly, harmonious and discordant to the horror, all of those that I have in me.

I created a lot of different works. From abstract graphics on paper to the 3D Panels of wood, metal, leather, and of course, Acrylic!
I use different styles, textures, and directions … Pencils, pens, paint, fabric, wood, metal – all that excites my imagination!