High – Acrylic On Canvas


Year Of Original Creation
Size: 100 x 70 cm
Technique: Acrylic On Canvas
Colors: Blue, Gold, Red

Cool colorful paintings are always a go to for dining areas. One of a such painting is enough for the whole room as it adds depth and stands out thus cutting costs of placing a number of paintings.

Overview and Symbolism:
The mood of the painting is more calm, peaceful and relaxing. It is sketched to evoke feelings of contentment and tranquility. The scene shows a midnight setting where there is no one can be seen and it’s quiet as a mouse. A bird is sitting on the top of the building; this shows the existence of life.

A couple of words about the colors:
This masterpiece is not just colors on a canvas, but is made after a process of critical thinking to go with warmer tones of the room. The colors like orange and yellow give a sense of positivity, whereas hues if blue and black are used to show a midnight setting. The leaves shown on the trees through pointillism gives a sense of autumn season as that’s what the colors show.

Custom ordering options:
With set dimensions of 100 x 70 cm, the landscape can be custom painted on four different materials in a span of 3 – 6 business days. What you waiting for then, order away!

Artwork can be Original On Canvas or done on Perspex, Aluminium or canvas printed.
If you are interested in this artwork in other sizes, please enquire.

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100 x 70

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