[NEW] Port Marine – Mixed Media Artwork


Year Of Original Creation
Technique: Mixed Media
Blue, Orange

Overview and Symbolism:
Painted to perfection, this port sunset scene portrays a vacation and a relaxed atmosphere. It also shows the beautiful transition from day to night. The marine port always arouses a feeling of excitement and astonishment. These feelings with a combination of the relaxation from the sunset could create exactly the needed feelings for every sea-lover’s home.

A couple of words about the colors:
This piece was created while the realistic sunset colors were kept in mind and different shades of blue created a little bit of mysterious setting.

Custom ordering options:
This painting can be custom made in six different combinations. Choose from two sizes & three different materials.

Artwork can be done on Perspex, Aluminium and printed on canvas.
If you are interested in this artwork in other sizes, please enquire.

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Artwork On Perspex, Artwork On Aluminium, Artwork Printed On Canvas


70 x 135 cm, 50 x 95 cm

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